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This page contains information, parts and accessories for your Allen SEA, DEA or BAR 90 analyzer. I've owned and used these machines for many years and can help you get the most out of your Allen product. I also have some manuals for older Allen machines, such as the 14-000 and 16-000 series, as well as some stuff for SPX BAR 97, Sun MEA,Sun Interrogator and other machines. Email or call with your needs.DISCLAIMER: I do not own Allen Test Products. I do own several of these machines and have some experience in their use and repair, as well as user manuals, parts and accessories for sale. The Allen Test Products brand is currently licensed to SPX, but support is nonexistant.

Allen SEA

Click here for Allen Smart Engine Analyzer (SEA) hints, parts & accessories.

Allen BAR 90

Click here for Allen BAR 90 Emissions Test Analyzer (ETA) hints, parts & accessories. There's also some stuff for Allen BAR 84, SPX BAR 97 and Sun BAR 90/BAR 97 machines here.

Allen DEA

Click here for Allen Digital Engine Analyzer (DEA) hints, parts & accessories.


You can also find information on Allen, Bear, Sun, Marquette and others on Yahoo at the engineanalyzers group. Click here to join the Yahoo engineanalyzers grou..p

Updated 06/02/2019

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