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- The DEA and SEA share some parts - thermal printer, magnetic timing adapter (Allen P/N 41157), timing light (Allen P/N 43057), OBD cables, gas bench and current probe (Allen P/N 43787 for the DEA, Allen P/N 42856 for the SEA, they are the same). The engine harness for the DEA also has the same leads as the SEA, you could just splice in what you needed.

-Don't run the built in thermal printer without paper, you will eventually ruin the print head. Lift the paper bail to disable the printer.

-You can use any thermal printer paper that is 4 9/32" wide x 2 1/4" diameter on a 7/1" core. thermal paperTry

-Fuzzy printing? The Allen thermal printer is pretty robust, but tends to gum up and slow down as time wears on. Lubricate the moving parts with spray silicone (SMALL amounts).

DEA printer

If that doesn't work, remove the printer from the DEA and adjust the small white plastic cam circled in red. You may have to scrape off the hot glue Allen put there 20 years ago to get it to move. You can access the cam from the side without removing the black metal cover. If your printer is truly dead, I have replacements for $50.

-If you need a good book on interpreting scope patterns, Allen wrote a great one: 141 pages of ways to use your DEA scope or any automotive oscilloscope. I have electronic copies in pdf format for $20. Here's some sample pages from the book, you can click on each for a full size pdf file. It's called "The Scope Book - smart diagnostics in the age of computers", written by the Allen Institute Training Program.

Scope Book over



Table of Contents 1


Table of Contents 2

Page 43

Page 43

Page 104

Page 104

Page 112

Page 112

-If your DEA has a gas bench, the oxygen sensor only lasts about two years. You can easily replace it yourself (see below), new O2 sensors are about $70 on Ebay, part #697-88886, or just search for an R-22A oxygen sensor for a Sun, Bear or Allen smog machine.

Gas bench

The O2 sensor is circled in red. Open the back cover, remove the fan if there is one, disconnect the 3 conductor wire to the top and unscrew the sensor. Make sure the O ring comes off with it.

O2 sensor

Here's the O2 sensor, it is used in many machines (Sun, Bear, Allen BAR 90 and BAR 97). Note the O ring at the bottom.

-If your DEA has a gas bench, you can get filters gas bench filter from Perry Enterprises in Chatsworth, CA, (818) 700-1963.

-If you get a messages about low flow, insufficient flow through bench, etc. the hoses in the bench are probably crumbled. Just replace them with clear plastic vinyl hose (1/4" ID x 3/8" OD) from your local hardware store. The heat, exhaust gases and shop environment make any hoses over 20 years old suspect.

-If you have an Allen BAR 90 ETA, you can network it's gas bench to your DEA. Connect a cable between the RS232 ports on the backs of the DEA and BAR 90, fire up the BAR 90 and choose "SEA/DEA Network Mode" from the main menu. The DEA will then use the gas bench from the BAR 90. Press the "Escape" key on the BAR 90 keyboard to exit the network mode.

-Your DEA's cooling air filter is probably falling apart due to age. Don't run the unit without a filter - the insides will fill up with dust and grime, especially in a shop environment.

DEA filter

An easy fix is to remove all the black foam (it will crumble when you touch it, so remove the filter from the machine) and replace the foam with an old towel or wool sock.


Parts & Accessories

If you don't see what you need, email me at or call me at 530-417-6784. I'm always getting new stuff in. I'm located in the Paonia, CO area, but I'll ship anywhere. Cash or PayPal only! Shipping is at your expense, use the item's size & weight to get an estimate from USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc. from Zip Code 81428. Everything comes with a money back guarantee. Check my feedback on Ebay (rcourtem).

Operator's manuals

DEA manuals

1) 37 page manual for the DEA.
2) 14 page manual titled "Digital Engine Analyzer Software Enhancement Supplement".
3) 22 page 1988 OBD diagnostic manual (GM, Ford, Chrysler);
4) 60 page 1989 OBD diagnostic manual (GM, Ford, Chrysler).

I also have 5 loose pages of instructions for installing the OBD kits. These were used by the Allen technician.

The last two manuals (3 & 4) will only be useful if your machine has the OBD kit installed. Look for a round connector with about 15 pins on the upper left corner in the back. Also, look for a metal tag behind the front panel with a model number such as 10-180, 10-190, 10-290, etc. Lastly, look for OBD leads for Ford, GM, Chrysler, etc.

$20 for any one, $35 for any two, $50 for any three, $65 for all 4. I'll toss in the OBD kit installation instructions if you want. Or, I can email pdf files for half price.


Allen Test Products Digital Engine Analyzer parts

Boards, probes, wiring, etc, email or call with parts requests. Everything is used, most are tested, some not, but all come with a money back guarantee. All parts are from an Allen model 42-100 machine.

Boom kit
CRT board P457, 85X0-153E
Memory expansion board 5001015-3
OBC board 5001014-2
4 gas network board 5001018-6
Digital board 5000994-10
Memory board 5000996-14
Analog board 5000995-13
Cooling fan
Keypad board 5001000-5
Rear interface board 5001046-2
Magnetic timing probe 41157
Motherboard 5001002
Power supply board 5001001-3
Remote pushbutton 42513
Timing light 43057
Remote print board 5001017-1

DEA parts


Allen Digital Engine Analyzer leads, manuals

DEA leads

All guaranteed to work.

Timing Light P/N 43057, $50.
Remote pushbutton P/N 42513, $10.
Magnetic timing probe, P/N 41157, (not shown )$15.

Operating manuals "DEA EZ Reference Guide" P/N 25763-1 and "DEA Software Enhancement Supplement" P/N 25860-1, $35 for copies of both. Or, I can email pdf files of both for half price.



Allen Test Products GM lead set - $75

If you own an Allen engine analyzer (SEA, DEA or SmartScope), this lead set will enable you to test some GM vehicles with distributorless ignition systems. You must have the Allen DIS adapter (Allen part #32-xxx, I may have one in stock, ask) and the spark plug cables to use this lead set.

This lead set (Allen #32-650) allows full testing (view secondary patterns, cylinder kills, etc.) for the following GM vehicles:

1984 & newer 3.8 liter V6
1985 & newer 3.0 liter V6
1987 & newer 2.8 liter V6 (including "W" body)
1987 & newer 2.0, 2.5 liter I4
1988 & newer 2.3 liter I4 "Quad 4" (including "W" body)
1988 & newer 3.8 liter V6 "3800"
1989 & newer 3.3 liter V6 "3300"
1990 & newer 3.1 liter V6 (including "W" body)
1990 & newer 2.2 liter I4
1991 & newer 3.4 liter V6 (includes "W" body)

This set is missing 4 wires used with the Quad 4 vehicles, but they are just 6 inch spark plug wire extensions, so you can easily make these. Instructions included.

GM DIS leadset


Allen Test Products Ford DIS Lead P/N 44816 - $15

This lead will test:

1989 & newer Ford 2.3 liter dual spark plug
1989 & newer Ford 3.0 liter SHO
1989 & newer Ford 3.8 liter supercharged

You must already have an Allen DIS adapter, distribution boxes, spark plug clips and sync probes.

Allen part number 44816, instructions included.

Ford DIS lead


DEA OBD cables

OBD I Computer Interface Cables, these plug into your DEA.

Ford MCU/EEC IV interface cable, P/N 43363-2, $15.
GM 12 pin ALDL Interface Cable (OBD I), P/N 44022, $15
Chrysler Diagnostic Interface Cable, P/N 43364-1, $15.
Mazda/Ford MECS cable P/N 44432, $15.

OBD leads


Boom kit - $25


boom kit
Boom kit for your DEA. Includes mounting plate, boom bottom tube and arm. Plate is 11" x 3", bottom tube is 25.5" x 1.5", arm is 16" high and 42" long horizontally.