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-If your ETA won't start up or you get a message about BIOS settings being incorrect, try these BIOS settings (pdf file).

If you want to get into the "Auxiliary Functions" menu, the password is usually something like 11111, 22222, 33333, 44444, etc. If you still can't get in, you can retrieve the password from the hard drive if you have a SCSI card in your PC:

1) Remove the back panel.
2) Remove the hard drive from it's cage. Handle it carefully, observe static precautions.
3) Connect the drive to your SCSI card, Don't forget a power supply cable.
4) Boot your PC and look for two additional drives in My Computer. The ETA hard drive has two partitions.
5) Look for a file called "CA_INFO.DAT" in the ETADATA directory in each partition. Both partitions have the directory, only one has the CA_INFO.DAT file.
6) Open the file with a text editor, it's just a text file. The passwords are in the file. See my example here. DON'T make any changes to the file.

-The oxygen sensor only lasts about two years. You can easily replace it yourself (see below), new O2 sensors are about $70 on Ebay, part #697-88886, or just search for an R-22A oxygen sensor for a Sun, Bear or Allen smog machine.

Gas bench

The O2 sensor is circled in red. Open the back cover, remove the fan if there is one, disconnect the 3 conductor wire to the top and unscrew the sensor. Make sure the O ring comes off with it.

O2 sensor

Here's the O2 sensor, it is used in many machines (Sun, Bear, Allen BAR 90 and BAR 97). Note the O ring at the bottom.

-BAR 90 calibration gases are difficult to find. ETA gasesYou may have to do some searching to find them, or email me, I may have some sources. Another possibility is to just use the machine for relative gas readings, i.e., lowest CO and HC, highest CO2, etc. That said, most of these machines are no more than 20% off if the bench has not been changed out. There is also a way to run a gas blend of known concentrations through (I use BAR97 High) and calculate the differences. Email me for details.

-If your SEA has a gas bench, these filters (Allen P/N 44887) are no longer available. gas bench filter Best to just replace the entire filter bowl with a setup used by an SPX, Sun, ESP, Worldwide, etc. smog machine. You can keep the secondary filter, it's serviceable.

-If you get a messages about low flow, insufficient flow through bench, etc. the hoses in the bench are probably crumbled. Just replace them with clear plastic vinyl hose (1/4" ID x 3/8" OD) from your local hardware store. The heat, exhaust gases and shop environment make any hoses over 20 years old suspect.

-If you have an Allen SEA or DEA, you can network it's gas bench to your ETA. Connect a cable between the RS232 ports on the backs of the SEA/DEA and BAR 90, fire up the BAR 90 and choose "SEA/DEA Network Mode" from the main menu. The SEA will then use the gas bench from the BAR 90. Press the "Escape" key on the BAR 90 keyboard to exit the network mode.

-Your ETA's cooling air filter is probably falling apart due to age. Don't run the unit without a filter - the insides will fill up with dust and grime, especially in a shop environment.

SEA filter

An easy fix is to remove all the black foam (it will crumble when you touch it, so remove the filter from the machine) and replace the foam with an old towel or wool sock.



Parts & Accessories

If you don't see what you need, email me at or call me at 530-417-6784. I'm always getting new stuff in. I'm located in the Paonia, CO area, but I'll ship anywhere. Cash or PayPal only! Shipping is at your expense, use the item's size & weight to get an estimate from USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc. from Zip Code 81428. Everything comes with a money back guarantee. Check my feedback on Ebay (rcourtem).


Allen Test Products BAR 90 exhaust analyzer parts

Allen Bar 90 parts

Boards, probes, wiring, etc, email or call with parts requests. Everything is used, some tested, some not, but all come with a money back guarantee. All parts are from an Allen model 53-170 machine.

If your hard drive is toasted, I can clone you a new one for $75 if you provide a working drive (Quantum ProDrive LPS 270MB SCSI or a Seagate ST157N, depends on the drive controller in your machine).

I have engine tach leads available for these machines, $30.I also have various circuit boards, interior electronic parts, printer parts, boom parts, etc. for the Allen SEA. If you want multiple items, we can cut a discount deal.

Allen 4 gas bench
Auxiliary tach lead 46804
Auxiliary tach lead 45362
Hard Drive Seagate ST157N (controller boards only, drives are dead)
HD/Floppy SCSI controller board Seagate ST02
Keyboard parts
Modem board
Motherboard 5001093
Okidata printer
Power distribution board 5001114
Power supply board 5001091-5, -8, -9
Serial board 5001116, 5401076
Serial network card LANtastic V3
Sync probe 46803
Sync probe 46027-2
Video card





ETA Operator's manuals - $30 for both

ETA Operation guide, (40 pages) and supplement (25 pages). Or, I can email pdf files of each for half price.

I have manuals available for other Allen machines, call or email.



SPX / Automotive Diagnostics / Allen BAR 97 exhaust analyzer parts

Boards, probes, switches, etc.-email or call with parts requests. Everything is used, some tested, some not, but all come with a money back guarantee. All are from an SPX / Automotive Diagnostics / Allen model A54251-B BAR 97 machine.I also have a lot of parts for the Allen/Bear/SPX EIS BAR 97 analyzer-benches, circuit boards, leads, OBD adapters, fuel cap testers, etc. Call or email with your needs.

5 volt tach, EGA, CE R9732 534-05057
Cooling fans
Engine ground lead, 24' 534-06310
Gas cap BAR 97 com cable, 20’ 534-05721
Interface Board 517-05681 Rev C
Interface board, 16 bit ISA 517-05691002
Power supply (computer)
Security Board 517-05950-001
Serial cable Rev B
Tach board 517-05955-001
Tach lead, EGA Main, CE R9735, 13" 534-05056

                  97 parts

Sun BAR 90/97 exhaust analyzer parts

Sun parts

Boards, probes, switches, etc.-email or call with parts requests. Everything is used, some tested, some not, but all come with a money back guarantee. All are from a Sun MGA 9000C BAR 90 analyzer, but some of the leads are also used on Sun BAR 97 machines.

ALDL board 7001-543-2
Circuit board 7001-2089-01 Rev B
Circuit board 7001-2074-01 Rev C
Circuit board 7001-2060-01 Rev G
Circuit board 7001-2053-01 Rev B
Cooling fans
CPU board SCHM 150-0006573 Rev C
DVM/Analog board 7001-2064-01 Rev D
Filter housing/bowl assembly
HEI adapter 1747-0106
Modem Okidata YU1036-2155
Motherboard 7001-2059-01
Nissan Pulsar NXSE tach lead 6005-1781
Power supply board 02-30480-0001
Power supply board Condor SP1303
Quad 4 tach lead 6005-1791
RPM I/O board 7001-2062-01 Rev G
RPM pickup 7009-1929
System Interface Board 7001-2081-01 Rev E
System Storage Board 7001-2082-01 Rev H
Tach lead 6004-0262-5
Vacuum pump Thomas 2107CA11/18Z-840
Video card VGA200-03
Volt/Ohm leads 6004-0462