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This page is mostly electronics, household, tools and lots of stuff for automotive test equipment - Allen, Bear, Sun, etc. Some items (clearly marked) are inoperative, good for parts only. Others are in great shape, ready to go. Hey - that's what a garage sale is all about, right?

I'm located in the Paonia, CO area, but I'll ship anywhere. Cash or PayPal only! As in all garage sales, some prices may be negotiable. Shipping is at your expense, use the item's size & weight to get an estimate from USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc. from Zip Code 81428. Everything comes with a money back guarantee. Check my feedback on Ebay (rcourtem). You can reach me at 530-644-6710. If you want to email me, click on or copy this email address.

Bob Courtemanche



Antenna amplifier - $5

Archer #15-1108 UHF/VHF/FM amplifier. The part that mounts on the antenna mast is missing, so buy this (the power injector) if you already have that part. Adjustable from 16dB to 26dB gain, switchable FM trap. Instructions included.


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Camcorder AV cable - $5

10 foot long AV cable with a 3.5mm miniplug on one end and three RCA male plugs (White, Yellow, Red) on the other. Wire pinout: tip-white, 1st ring-yellow, 2nd ring-ground/shield, 3rd ring-red. Previously used with a Canon ZR20 camcorder, should work with most others. Made by Radio Shack.

Here's a web page with more info on the connections:

Camcorder cable

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Allen Test Products Digital Engine Analyzer parts

Boards, probes, wiring, etc, email or call with parts requests. Everything is used, most are tested, some not, but all come with a money back guarantee. All parts are from an Allen model 42-100 machine.

Boom kit
CRT board P457, 85X0-153E
Memory expansion board 5001015-3
OBC board 5001014-2
4 gas network board 5001018-6
Digital board 5000994-10
Memory board 5000996-14
Analog board 5000995-13
Cooling fan
Keypad board 5001000-5
Rear interface board 5001046-2
Magnetic timing probe 41157
Motherboard 5001002
Power supply board 5001001-3
Remote pushbutton 42513
Timing light 43057
Remote print board 5001017-1

DEA Parts

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Allen Digital Engine Analyzer leads

DEA leads

All guaranteed to work.

Timing Light P/N 43057, $50.
Remote pushbutton P/N 42513, $10.
Magnetic timing probe, P/N 41157, $15 (not shown).
Operating manuals "DEA EZ Reference Guide" P/N 25763-1 and "DEA Software Enhancement Supplement" P/N 25860-1, $35 for copies of both. I also have these as pdf files for less.

I also have the 1988 and 1989 OBD supplement booklets, OBD cables, etc. Email me with your needs.


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Allen Test Products GM lead set-$60

If you own an Allen engine analyzer (SEA, DEA or SmartScope), these lead sets will enable you to test some GM vehicles with distributorless ignition systems. You must have an Allen DIS adapter (Allen part #32-xxx) and the spark plug cables to use these lead sets.

This lead set (Allen #32-650) allows full testing (view secondary patterns, cylinder kills, etc.) for the following GM vehicles:

1984 & newer 3.8 liter V6
1985 & newer 3.0 liter V6
1987 & newer 2.8 liter V6 (including "W" body)
1987 & newer 2.0, 2.5 liter I4
1988 & newer 2.3 liter I4 "Quad 4" (including "W" body)
1988 & newer 3.8 liter V6 "3800"
1989 & newer 3.3 liter V6 "3300"
1990 & newer 3.1 liter V6 (including "W" body)
1990 & newer 2.2 liter I4
1991 & newer 3.4 liter V6 (includes "W" body)

This set is missing 4 wires used with the Quad 4 vehicles, but they are just 6 inch spark plug wire extensions, so you can easily make these. Instructions included.

GM lead set

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Allen Test Products Ford DIS Lead P/N 44816 - $15

This lead will test:

1989 & newer Ford 2.3 liter dual spark plug
1989 & newer Ford 3.0 liter SHO
1989 & newer Ford 3.8 liter supercharged

You must already have an Allen DIS adapter, distribution boxes, spark plug clips and sync probes.

Allen part number 44816, instructions included.

Ford DIS lead

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Allen Test Products boom leads, probes, scope parts

SEA leads
OBD leads

I've got a bunch of stuff for the Allen Test Products Smart Engine Analyzer:

All came from a working shop environment. Some are a bit grimy but guaranteed to work, as I tested all on my Allen 62-130 SEA

Boom leads, probes:
Primary/Secondary leads, P/N 42954 (also has the blue/white leads), $25.
Current Probe, P/N 42856, $50.
Sync probe P/N 40895, $20.
Vacuum/Pressure Pickup, P/N 43052, $50.
Remote Button/Battery Leads, P/N 40891, $15.
Timing Light, P/N 43057, $50.
Volt/Ohm Leads, P/N 42953, $10.
Magnetic timing probe, P/N 41157, $15
Magnetic timing probe cable P/N 43742, $10
Secondary sync probe, P/N 40895-1, $20
Light Pen, $75 exchange
ASC hard drive, v14.20, $150

OBD I Computer Interface Cables, these plug into your computer interface box which then plugs into your analyzer.
Ford MCU/EEC IV interface cable, P/N 43363-2, $15.
GM 12 pin ALDL Interface Cable (OBD I), P/N 44022, $15
Cadillac ALDL adapter P/N 44677, $10.
Chrysler Diagnostic Interface Cable, P/N 43364-1, $15.
Mitsubishi/Chrysler OBC Interface Cable, P/N 46157, $15
Mazda/Ford MECS cable P/N 44432, $15
ALDL 15' extension cable P/N 44198, $10
Vehicle computer interface box and Analyzer input cable, $20
GM Carburetor Solenoid Adapter Cable, P/N 43366, $20

Operator's manual
Hundreds of pages, covers the use of all the screens on your SEA. Includes an EZ reference guide, ASC instruction guide and a technical bulletin on line noise. 1.5" thick! $100, or $40 for a pdf file.

I have various circuit boards, interior electronic parts, printers, scope parts & boards (scope parts are in the photo to the right), printer parts, boom parts, etc. for the Allen SEA. I also have a bunch of parts for the Allen BAR 90 four gas analyzer. If you want multiple items, we can cut a discount deal.

scope parts

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Allen Test Products BAR 90 exhaust analyzer parts

Allen Bar 90 parts

Boards, probes, wiring, user manuals, etc.-email or call with parts requests.

If your hard drive is toasted, I can clone you a new one for $75 if you provide a working drive (Quantum ProDrive LPS 270MB SCSI or a Seagate ST157N, depends on the drive controller in your machine).

I have engine tach leads available for these machines, $20.

I have various circuit boards, interior electronic parts, printer parts, boom parts, etc. for the Allen SEA. If you want multiple items, we can cut a discount deal.

I also have some parts for Allen BAR 97 and Sun BAR 90/BAR 97 machines, email or call.

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Stud Sensor - $10

stud sensor

Stud sensor made by Zircon, used but works perfectly. Includes battery.

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Pool Stuff

Some stuff from a 16' x 24' Doughboy pool:

Thru-Wall Skimmer, Doughboy #2090-02, instructions included

Pool Light, American Products Company Spa-Brite #782434, 20' three wire cord, instuctions included

2-1 1/2" ladder brackets 32-2' liner clips, white plastic

46-5" pool cover clips, black plastic

Make an offer on some or all.

Pool Stuff

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Safety Switch



Safety Switch Safety Switch

Used Square D Single pole single throw fused 30 amp safety switch switch with cartridge fuses, 125/245V, catalog #97351L, 6.5" wide, 7.5" tall, 5" deep, $5

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Updated 10/31/2017